Kune Kune Pigs

History of Breed

KuneKune (pronounced "cooney cooney) are classified as a rare pig breed.  They were originally discovered in New Zealand in association with the  Maori tribes that raised this breed as a food source. Kune's are known  to be able to fatten on grass and seldom root in the ground like other  pigs species due to their short upturned snouts making them much easier  on pasture and fencing. They do not need to be tamed or socialized as  they are naturally friendly and get along well with other animal  species. The size can range 200 - 250  lbs for sows and up to 300 lbs for boars, making them suitable for  any size farm. Piglet above is out of Salsa and is SOLD.

Piglets for Sale

We have one 2017 piglet left and he is the cutest of the bunch and will be on the small side. This barrow is perfect for a pet or therapy home. He is black and white (photo above) $250 firm. He is out of Salsa (Jenny/Te Whangi) by MKP Tutaki 1 (Gizmo) by AWE Tutaki 4 out of BVF Rebecca Gina 14 (Grand champion). All are organically raised. double wattled, and very easy to work with and train. Many have gone to be trained for therapy pigs for military programs due to their docile temperament. 

Pasture Pork

 Kune Kune Pigs are becoming popular for "pasture pork" i.e. healthy  grass fed meat that is nicely marbled with excellent taste. WBF pigs get organic grain, pasture, and organic A2 milk and whey. On pasture with plenty of sunshine, Kune Kune meat and fat is richer in micro nutrients, fat soluble vitamins E and D, as well as selenium. Green grass provides major source of Omega-3's and dominant fat on pork that is pasture raised is monounsaturated fat. Photo above is piglet out of Ziggy, SOLD.

Breeding Boar MKP Tutaki 1 - Gizmo

MKP Tutaki 1 (Gizmo) born March 2016  by AWE Tutaki 4 - AKBA 1093 Radcliff and out of x BVF Rebecca Gina 14 - AKBA 1261 Reanna (Grand champion sow). Gizmo has produced outstanding offspring that are 100% double wattled. He has a broad head, dished face with short upturned snout, large jowl, double wattled, and a long level form consistent with desirable breed characteristics. Gizmo is WBF foundation sire and is available for sale due to move, SOLD.  

Breeding Sow - Ziggy

Ziggy is a 2015 Jenny/Te Whangi sow (unregistered pure bred Kune Kune). She is a family and farm pig with a wonderful disposition and good maternal instincts. Ziggy's first litter was born March 20, 2017 and are are sold. They are 100% double wattled. Offered for sale bred to Gizmo, SOLD.

Breeding Sow - Salsa

Salsa is a 2015 Jenny/Te Whangi sow (unregistered pure bred Kune Kune). Salsa's first litter was born on April 9, she gave us large batch of 12 piglets. She is a great mother and produced 100% double wattled piglets in a variety of colors. Salsa offered for sale bred to Gizmo for Fall 2017 piglets. SOLD.