Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Why a Goat?

Farm pet, companion, brush clearing, leaf/weed clean up, and A2 milk. That is why we went with goats. Nigerian Dwarf goats produce 6% milk fat which is excellent for cheese making but also great to drink. Nigerians are a hardy breed that is easy on pasture and docile in nature. Their smaller statue makes them less intimidating to children and some of WBF's goats have become therapy workers. Goats need fresh clean water, shelter, and constant access to hay/grass. Just remember an only goat is a lonely goat.  

Kids for Sale

WBF kids are handled by young children and very family friendly along with being great companions and dairy producers. Our goats are raised on organic feed and have access to pasture. We are taking reservations for our next batch of kids for fall 2017. Whethers are $100, bucks $250 - $300 and does $300 - $400. Includes disbudding/castration. $50 deposit to hold.

Herd Sire

ADGA Flat Rock's Chariots of Fire - 2013 purebred buck by Flat Rock's Ember out of Flat Rock's Miss Adventure. Excellent dairy producer, with correct confirmation and size. Rocky has an easy to manage temperament and we have been extremely happy with his offspring. 

SOLD and now in OHIO.

Senior Doe - Daisy

AGS Alpenglade Farm Daisy (Wooly Dog Down Abanero x Alpenglade Farm Bramble) is a 2013 doe that has proven to be a fantastic producer and milker. Daisy kids have always been of breed standard size and quality. Daisy has been re-bred for September 2017 kids.

Junior Doe - Patches

ADGA Windingbrooke Patches (Lowdown Diablo x Alpenglade Farm Pumpkin) is a 2015 polled doe that has produces kids of fantastic temperament like her dam Pumpkin. Patches also proved to be a great milker on her first freshening and will be re-bred for fall 2017 kids. SOLD.

Junior Doe - Chloe

ADGA Windingbrooke Chloe (Lowdown Diablo x Alpenglade Farm Pumpkin) is a 2015 doe that just freshened for the second time producing very correct and colorful kids. Her 2017 doe has been retained while her buck has been sold as a herd sire. Chloe has great milk production and is offered for sale at $400 re-bred to Flat Rock's Chariots of Fire. SOLD.