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Nutritional Balancing Thru Hair Analysis

Hair mineral analysis tests for 21 nutritive and toxic  minerals to see if there is any deficiency or excess, and uses that  information to create a blueprint of your biochemistry.  With this blueprint, we can create a plan for re-balancing your body’s  chemistry, restoring it to optimal function.

The late Dr. Paul Eck and Dr. Lawrence Wilson have established that there are reliable relationships between the  levels of minerals in the hair and other tissues of the body. The  Environmental Protection Agency also uses human hair to monitor  high-priority toxic metals in the body, and many other studies have  found that human hair may be a more appropriate tissue than blood or  urine for studying exposure to some trace elements.

Since hair mineral analysis is more accurate  than blood analysis, it can often find problems that aren’t evident  through most commonly performed medical tests.

A  Hair Mineral Analysis shows the specific nutrients you need to optimize  your unique biochemical profile, helping your body manage persistent  toxic exposures. We’ll also determine your oxidation rate and give you a better understanding of how well your adrenal and  thyroid glands are functioning in response to stress, diet, supplements, and medications. 

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Diet and Supplement Protocols with Nutritional Balancing

Increase your bodies adaptive energy and heal by balancing oxidation rate and mineral ratios thru diet and correct supplements. This can be achieved by eating a balanced diet which is essential for vitality and good health. Let food be thy medicine; quality food provides  our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and  minerals to sustain, develop, heal, and function to full potential. Nutritional Balancing is such a diet because it can restore youth by removing toxins, re-nourishes, and balances the body.  Hormone  levels tend to re-establish to those seen only in younger people. No other  program can do this. Many people today take supplements with no idea of mineral ratios and could be doing more harm than good. Nutritional Balancing provides an individualized protocol and re-tests every 3-6 months to measure progress and allow for adjustments

Hair Mineral Biopsoy for Horses and Livestock

Minerals are a key component to vitality and health in grazing animals. Imbalance can cause loss of livestock, poor production, and limited use. Find out level of toxic metals and make sure your supplements are providing the balance of mineral ratios for forage diet. A simple and inexpensive test can save money by pinpointing exact needed minerals (excess and deficiencies), oxidation rate, and level of toxic metal exposure. Balancing minerals and reducing toxic metals thru detox protocols increases immunity to parasites, reduces disease, and increase production of livestock. Horses with poor performance or that are prone to injury can particularly benefit from this program when coupled with positive reinforcement training methods.

Proceedure for Hair Sample

1.  Sampling:  Hair should be clean and dry when it is being sampled. The sample should be taken between 4 and 24 hours after washing. For the best quality results the sampled should not be dyed, bleached, or permed within the last two weeks. Retest samples should be taken from the same area as the original sample if at all possible.

2.  Sampling Location:  Head hair should be taken from the nape of the neck if possible. The growth of the hair in this area is relatively steady and usually gives consistent results.

As an option, axillary hair, pubic, hair, or other body hair may be used although the growth pattern can be sporadic in these areas. Note - samples from head and other areas should not be mixed.

3. Cutting a Sample:  Comb and lift a section of hair at the nape of the neck. Pin or clip the section above out of the way. Separate a smaller section (about width of small finger) and cut off hair as close to scalp as possible. For long hair over 1.5 inches in length cut off and use 1 - 1.5 inches from the end nearest to scalp and discard the rest. The total sample should weigh about 125 mgs, about the size of a heaping teaspoon. Put sample in a paper envelope (do not use plastic or aluminum foil for storage or shipping).

Interpretation of Hair Analysis

All samples are sent to Analytical Research Labs, Inc. thru a Practitioner account. Once the lab completes the test the results are sent back to Practitioner for interpretation and all work is checked by Dr. Wilson to include diet, supplement and detox protocols. The entire process averages 2 weeks. In order to remain on the program all clients must retest every 3-6 months.

Fees and Services

Introductory clients $185. This includes initial test, interpretation and analysis, suggested protocol by Dr. Wilson, and one hour phone consultation. Discount of $50 applies to each additional family member for initial test.

Retest - $100 includes test, interpretation, and protocol suggested by Dr. Wilson.

Endomet Supplements are 25% off for all clients that remain on the program and retest at minimum every 6 months.

Livestock - $85 for initial test, interpretation, and protocol. Discount for multiple animals.